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Youth for Community Pride

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Youth for Community Pride is.......
         An organization dedicated to the well being of both the students and the people within the community. We all believe that school spirit, justice, honor, and most of all committment are very important atributes to helping things change around the Widefield area. The group was originally created to change Widefield High School but we have all taken it a step farther and are making a difference in the community. Now we plan on taking our campaign even farther to change the world. It may sound outrageous to some about being able to change the world but it is clearly possible. People say that children are the future then why not have the children change the future for the next generations. Youth for Community Pride will make a positive difference at Widefield High School. We work to create more dances, spirit weeks, concerts, and most of all make the students voice be heard in the right way. The school has always heard the student bodies voice but now the students have someone to do something about it.

Changing the world when the world refuses to change.